The 9 Principles of Bitwalk

We wrote the Nine Principles as guidelines to us and to our community. A reflection of the community’s ethos and culture as we see it.

  1. Inclusion 
    Anyone may be a part of Bitwalk. 
    No prerequisites exist for participation in our community.
  2. Radical Equality
    All people are equal and have the same opportunity to generate value  -  no matter who you are, or where you are.
  3. Human Value
    We recognize and celebrate our human value. Our community is built on progress and made stronger by the momentum of each participant.
  4. Privacy 
    All people have the right for privacy. We have the right to be left alone and live life free from unwarranted publicity and to be protected from unwarranted intrusion.
  5. Anonymity
    All participants have the right for anonymity. It’s the individual’s right to have and to maintain control over information about themselves.
  6. Independence
    Actions, policies, and/or rules should be evaluated on the basis of their consequences on human welfare, free from commercial influences and exploitation.
  7. Economy Self Reliance 
    Bitwalk encourages all participants to ignore external influences and undertake that the strength of the Bitwalk economy rely solely on the agreement between it’s participants.
  8. Civic responsibility 
    We value civil society. Members assume responsibility for public welfare and endeavor to communicate civic responsibilities to participants. They must also assume responsibility for conducting in accordance with local, state and federal laws.
  9. Participation
    Our community is committed to a radically participatory ethic. We believe that a transformative change in society, can occur only through the medium of a deeply personal participation.