Bitwalk platform explained, W$ token, and more

We are happy to share with you today, for the first time, a deeper look into the Bitwalk platform. Bitwalk always rejected the unethical business practices that have become a standard in the technology world and by doing that, we are an independent organisation. That means that we can and we will do things that others can’t. 

Earlier this year we released The Nine Principles of Bitwalk which are guidelines to us and to our community – a reflection of the community’s ethos and culture as we see it. Then, we paused. We stripped down the platform, examined it against the nine principles and started refining, disrupting and innovating each aspect of Bitwalk to meet the nine principles and our vision for a new global currency which is equal for all. 

In just two years of independent activity we developed incredibly valuable insights and assets that allow us to design the future. A financial model and technology that could actively support and sustain some of the key human happiness values and could help shift the singular economic agenda from one that is private, self- interested and materialistic to one that is equal, socially supportive, healthy and universally beneficial.

To achieve this, we have been working with a group of tremendously valuable strategic advisors; these are individuals who have helped to build the Bitwalk network, who have made strong long-term commitments for the future, and/or present very significant future opportunities for the network.

We have decided to open a W$ private offering and it is now available to whitelist contributors of every country. The W$ Token will be the only way to access and benefit from the Bitwalk Platform and the sole settlement method for all transactions within the ecosystem. As Bitwalk was built with focus on our human effort and value, W$ are to be equally generated and earned. Therefore we are releasing an extremely limited supply for this private offering with high discount rates aimed to reward our early investors and supporters.

Proceeds from Bitwalk’s token sale will be used to support development and wide-scale adoption of our technology. This is a large undertaking, and our raise is intended to fund a project of a global scale while keeping it independent.

Our new landing page is now online including never released before information about the Bitwalk platform, token economy (including transactional model and proof of move) and details on the W$ private offering. 

There are many other aspects to discuss and we will share it all at the right time. But rest assure that indeed, we do things that others can’t. 

As always, we draw strength from the overwhelming reaction and support provided by our followers and we take this opportunity to thank all of the early testers, the contributors and believers.

In solidarity,